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Who are you guys?

Rock & Roll 50TH Anniversary® , Inc. is the official clearinghouse for rock and roll's 50th anniversary!


Why are you doing this?

We're vendor neutral, we're fans, we didn't want to see this celebration owned by one of the big media houses with an interest in keeping others out. We want to make sure this party is inclusive, not exclusive!

We're experienced at making things happen. For example, one of our principles is credited with helping to start the internet explosion by launching the first public internet dial-ups on the planet, The World.

And, most of all, we want backstage passes!


What exactly do you do?

We have exhaustively researched the early days of rock and roll and have announced official year-long celebration dates based on that research.

We are developing a schedule of events and actively coordinating among key partners in that process in the form of sponsorships and other relationships.

As part of those sponsorships we work with our partners to ensure that the value of this sponsorship is maximized, both for sponsors and the fans of rock and roll.

We are also planning an awards celebration to honor those who contributed to rock and roll.

We will serve as the central hub of contact and coordinate participation in the celebration.


When exactly is the 50th Anniversary of Rock and Roll?

We have selected July 5 2004 - July 5 2005 as the official dates for the celebration. For details on why these dates were chosen see "When".


Weren't there rock and roll songs before July 5, 1954? I thought there were songs all the way back to the 20's and 30's that were rock and roll?

We are not celebrating the anniversary of the very first rock and roll record or use of the term "rock and roll" for several reasons:

1) There is no common agreement on what that record was.

As to when the term was first used, in a modern context a lot of credit has to be given to Alan Freed who used the phrase "rock and roll" in his radio and concert hall shows in the early 50's. But then again I have right here a recording of "Rock & Roll" by the Boswell Sisters recorded almost 20 years earlier, in 1934.

2) It is not clear that any one single record or use of the term "rock and roll" can be labeled as the first.

So we've instead used what we believe to be the anniversary of the emergence of rock and roll as a cultural form in the public's mind which seems to have happened around 1954-1955.


What events are planned?

Nothing specific to announce yet but musical events, a Rock & Roll 50TH Anniversary® awards ceremony, the release of a special collection of songs from the first 50 years of rock and roll, and anything we can get backstage passes for.


Your mission statement indicates a philanthropic component? Who is this charity going to?

We are looking at a large number of worthwhile recipients, we have absolutely no pre-conceived benefactors.

Our selection will be made in conjunction with our partners (hey, they're putting up a lot of the do-re-mi) and input from the public (keep those letters and postcards coming in!)

Want to suggest a recipient? Mail us!

Personally, I like anything that helps kids, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame®, maybe something to lighten things up for our troops overseas (bring 'em some rock and roll!), but it's not up to me, I'm only the mysterious voice writing this FAQ and there are a lot of great organizations out there doing great things.


Are you a non-profit organization?

No way! We are not organized as a non-profit, we are not a charity! Rock and roll is not a charity! We can all pool together to help some legitimate charities out there to help make this effort worthwhile and something we can all feel good about but let's be serious, this is rock and roll!


Who should I contact if I want to get involved?

For sponsorship inquiries:

For partnership, licensing and other business related opportunities:

All other inquiries may go to: (Executive Director)

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