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Sponsorship Opportunities

Be a Leader of the Pack!

Rock & Roll 50TH Anniversary® has segmented sponsorships to ensure that key participants receive commensurate exposure and exclusivity while allowing wide participation for the music, entertainment and brand licensing industry.

Corporate - A premiere opportunity for a limited number of select partners to become presenting sponsors of associated events or obtain product exclusivity. These sponsorships include consultative support on sponsorship activation including co-branding, promotions etc, allocations of preferred ticketing at events, and the benefits of media exposure surrounding these activities.

Media - Opportunities for broadcast media exclusivity as the official media company of Rock & Roll 50TH Anniversary® . This sponsorship will include extensive co-branding and participation in official events, and development of unique media content designed to garner incremental advertising revenue.

Industry - Music industry sponsorships designed to ensure wide participation from record labels, artists, managers, and affiliated organizations, who have helped make rock and roll music the pre-eminent cultural experience of the last half century.

Site Sponsorships - A limited number of site sponsorships that will allow cross linkage of the sponsoring organization and Rock & Roll 50TH Anniversary® sites, and collateral participation in internet based activities and promotions.

Sponsorship inquires should be directed to: